Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Go Click Cash: An Unbiased

A full review of this internet marketing (Go Click Cash) product is Available below

Creators Of Go Click Cash

Adeel Chowdry
Adeel Chowdhry needs no Introduction. Some names have gotten popular over the internet as a result of notoriety-deserved bad publicity, or may have just worked the volume advantage-putting out as many junks as possible with their names on it. So dont be fooled a poplar net name may not be aa a result of value.
But this not the case here, atleast not yet, up until go click cash Adeel has put out very good products.
Below are few of his products i remember:
Mass Article Control
Free Mass Traffic
Hyper FB Traffic (Incl. Other versions)

On James Denzel, believe me i did not hear of this dude until go click cash. I dont know what the deal is but he practically fell from the sky. Nothing more to say; so if am buying into go click cash then am riding on Adeel.

Go Click Cash: All in One ClickBank Suite

Go Click cash is an automated solution for ClickBank Marketers. From the onset CB has provided integration possibilties for affiliates to easily market their products; API solutions to directly wire products and description from their site to your blog, solutions to easily lookup movement of products on their site-Trends- and so on.
Go click cash is a web based application for both researching clickbank products, and putting up web fronts to sell them. How will this help marketers? you must know there are some websites that provide CB statistics, and trends and charge top dollar to share their stats. With the added benefit of also putting up a site around a specified product with the click of a button i think Go click cash is a must-have among internet marketers, only if done well, startups are always rift with bugs but if  good hands are on deck i think click cash will be a gem.
The suite is a plain that have be missed by many seeders who provide either plugins for building CB sites or provide stats but not both. Go click Cash brings Both in one place.

I Score: Go Click Cash

Creators: Good
Uniqueness: Very Good
Price: Good
Transparency P/P : Good

I Score Go Click Cash a 3.5/5. Lets see how the Launch turns out and it could get more points.

Beyond Go Click Cash

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Go Click Cash set to launch

adeel chowdhry

Adeel Chowdhry and James Danzel are set to launch Go Click Cash on 16th May. Everything as yet is still under covers, about the Go Click Cash affiliate program. Stay Updated.